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2015 Annual Conference Home Page

2015 North Texas Annual Conference

2015 North Texas Annual Conference logo

Welcome to
Ignite: The 2015 North Texas Annual Conference

This year The North Texas Annual Conference will take place June 7-9 at St. Andrew United Methodist Church of Plano, Texas.

Please click on the link to the right or on the button below to go to the official 2015 Annual Conference website.

2015 North Texas Annual Conference News

  • One + One: Serving, Changing, Transforming
  • 2015 Ordination
  • 2015 Ordination Service Stirs Emotions, Sense of Purpose
  • 2015 Ordinands
  • Father Surprises Son with Stole at Ceremony
  • NTC Clergy and Laity Draw Together in Prayer After McKinney Pool Incident
  • McKinney Stirs Bishop’s Call Not to Just Stand By
  • Let ‘White Hot’ Fire Burn to Aid Those Who Suffer, Huie Implores
  • Act of Repentance Recognizes UMC Role in Native American Pain
  • Give the NTC a Goal for Health Kits, and Members Almost Double It
  • 2015 In Memoriam
  • Murphy to Laity: You’re the Church When You Reach Out
  • 2015 Retirees Honored
  • Grow a Church? Ask Olu Brown
  • Awards Recognize Standouts in Discipleship, Ecumenism Evangelism
  • 5 Reasons to Get Excited About AC
  • Pick a Session at 2015 AC, Add to Your Toolbox for Ministry
  • Goal Set for 7,500 Health Kits at 2015 Annual Conference
  • Red River Project Opening Community Center
  • 2015 Annual Conference to Feed the Flames of Faith
  • 7,500 Health Kits in Celebration of UMCOR's 75th Anniversary
  • UMCOR Health Kits to be collected at 2015 Annual Conference

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