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Bishop of the North Texas Conference

Bishop Michael McKee

Bishop Michael McKee

Office of the Bishop
North Texas Conference
The United Methodist Church
500 Maplelawn Dr. Plano, TX  75075
P.O. Box 866188 Plano, TX 75086
(Fax) 972-526-5014


Joell Stanislaus, Executive Assistant

Join me in a spiritual discipline for Lent

What could 10,000 United Methodists accomplish in seven weeks? I believe we can accomplish more than we can imagine.

Watch the video to the left and then join me and other North Texas Methodists this Lent in making a difference.

Articles From Bishop McKee

  • Fear, Despair, and Finally the Hope of Resurrection
  • Message from Bishop McKee re: McElvaney
  • A Lenten Discipline for Good
  • Youth aren’t Just the Future, but the Now of Church
  • Coming Soon to Your District: Laity Day
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