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You have arrived at the East District website in North Texas. This is one of four Districts in the North Texas Conference of United Methodist Churches and serves the following counties:

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  • Fannin
  • Lamar
  • Red River
  • Delta
  • Franklin
  • Wood
  • Hopkins
  • Hunt
  • Kaufman
  • Henderson

East District mapThe East District is made up of 85 churches on the eastern side of the North Texas Conference. It stretches from Greenville on the West to Mt. Vernon on the East, Bonham to Avery on the north and Aley to Winnsboro on the South. Sixty-eight pastors serve with more than 12,000 professing members to minister the grace of Christ to more than 116,000 households in this broad mission field. Through congregations that are county seat, town and county, family chapels, college campuses, and even a ‘cowboy’ church the East District is alive and active, making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Read more >>

Around the District

  • Sulphur Bluff UMC 4th Annual George Dorner “42” Tournament: July 8, 2017
    Sulphur Bluff UMC 4th Annual George Dorner “42” Tournament

    All are invited for the 4th Annual George Dorner “42” Tournament on Saturday, July 8, 2017, at Sulphur Bluff United Methodist Church. Trophies will be awarded to the first-place team. Proceeds go to purchase Bibles for the Sulphur Bluff Senior class. If you don’t play, come and eat and be part of the fun!

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  • Poster Project: 150 Years of NTC History and Fascinating Facts

    Can you name the oldest churches? Where worship was in German? Who overcame fires or tornadoes?

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  • You Know Who Won Denman and Oden Awards. Now Find Out Why
    Debbie Lyons 2017 Harry Denman Evangelism Award Clergy Recipient

    The winners include an entrepreneurial pastor sent to a church with only 14 regulars.

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  • 2017 Harry Denman Evangelism Award Clergy: Debbie Lyons
    Debbie Lyons 2017 Harry Denman Evangelism Award Clergy Recipient

    Debbie Lyons, Caddo Mills UMC, receives the 2017 Dr. Harry Denman Award for Evangelism for Clergy for her consistent commitment to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

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  • Charleston UMC Celebrates 100th Anniversary: June 25, 2017
    Charleston UMC celebrates 100 years

    Charleston UMC will celebrate its 100th Anniversary on Sunday, June 25, 2017, during worship. A BBQ lunch will follow at noon. All are welcome!

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    From the DS...

  • Message from Vic Casad: June 14, 2017
    Victor Casad

    How many times have you preached a sermon or heard a sermon on Matthew 7:4-5: “…how can you say to your neighbor, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while the log is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your neighbor’s eye.” How much thought have any of us put into what it really takes to “take the log out of our own eyes?”

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  • Message from Vic Casad: May 30, 2017
    Victor Casad

    Last Sunday I jumped ship. Mary Brooke was invited to speak at the West New Hope United Methodist Church just north of Mt. Pleasant in the Texas Conference. And as the dutiful husband, I went with her for moral support. It seemed only fair since she often graciously joins me on my district excursions. This was a first; We were picked up at home and chauffeured to the church. It was a good thing too — West New Hope UMC is one of those churches nestled in the pastoral backwoods of East Texas.

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  • Message from Vic Casad: May 15, 2017
    Victor Casad

    The Christian life is about living in Christian community … period. It is not about looking for glitz and glamour, smoke and lights, spell-binding inspiration and breath-taking musical performances. It is about the weekly grind of caring, learning and working with a group of fellow travelers on a way to living more fully in the love of Jesus Christ. It is about learning to live together as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, miraculously held together by the power of the Holy Spirit, in spite of itself. No one ever said the Christian life was easy.

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  • Message from Vic Casad: April 28, 2017
    Victor Casad

    In 2009, Mary Brooke and I went with a delegation from the North Texas Conference to Africa University, the United Methodist school in Zimbabwe, for the dedication of the Bishop Alfred Norris Health Centre and to announce the scholarship program for Bishop Rhymes Moncure Health Education scholarship fund. The North Texas Conference raised the money through our churches to make these two ventures possible.

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  • Message from Vic Casad: April 12, 2017
    Victor Casad

    In the summer of 1964 I was thirteen. That July I traveled with 50,000 other Boy Scouts to the National Jamboree at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. The trip began with a day at the New York World’s Fair and, after the Jamboree, a day in Washington D.C.

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