East District of The North Texas Conference

Lay Servant Ministries in the East District

East District Lay Servant Ministries

Have you ever wondered “Does your pastor know what Lay Servant Ministry is about?” At Tinney Chapel UMC the answer is definitely “yes.” East District was represented by laity and clergy at South Central Jurisdictional Lay Servant training at Mt. Sequoyah in Fayetteville, AR. The Lay Servant Academy is hosted at Mt. Sequoyah to be a retreat style training. Rev. Chauncy Nealy and myself, Lori Massey, attended classes in Leading Prayer, Basic Training, and Living our Connection (Polity). New friendships and bonds were built with Lay Servants from Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Lay Servants work closely with our clergy for the growth of God’s kingdom.

Last September was a very successful class in Winnsboro for Lay Pastoral Care. This is a training that is practical in application. Lay Servants and other members of the church are called to love and serve. Home visits and hospital visits are often a wonderful way to help care for one another. I hope to have two training sessions in the East District by the end of this year.

Our district is so large, travel is an issue and a busy schedule conflicts with dates of classes offered. The online classes with Beadisciple.com have been a popular alternative for training. Online classes are not an easy way out. Be prepared to study hard and participate.

We still want to continue our ‘in person’ classes. Learning from each other and fellowship is as important as what we learn from our text books. Watch for future updates on events in the East District. District conferences and Annual Conference will be around the corner before you know it.

May each one of us, fulfill our call in the love of Christ, and Serve with an Open Heart.

Lori Massey
903-227- 0302
District Director of Lay Servant Ministries