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Bishop Michael McKee

Bishop Michael McKee

The Bishop's Blog northtexasumc.org/bishop

Joell Stanislaus Executive Assistant 972- 526-5015

Shareon Patterson

Rev. Dr. Sheron Patterson

Communications Officer

Rosalinda Luna Administrative

Wendy Campbell Connection

Wil Murphy Media Consultant

Patrick Steil Webmaster

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Missional Outreach NTCMissionalOutreach.org Check out the latest news from the Center for Missional Outreach!
Rev. Dr. Larry George

Rev. Dr. Larry George

Director of Missional Outreach and Assistant to the Bishop

Rev. Marji Bishir Hill Associate Director 972-526-5000 x220

Dr. Lynn Parsons

Dr. Lynn Parsons 

Director of the Zip Code Connection


Rev. George Battle III South Dallas/Fair Park 972-489-9467

Melinda Watters Red River County 512-547-7990

New Church Development NTCNewChurch.org/
Rev. Dr. Jim Ozier

Rev. Dr. Jim Ozier

Director of New Church Development

Rev. Gloria Young-Eun Kim Fowler Associate Director 972-526-5000

Liliana Peña Administrative Assistant 972-526-5016

Leadership Development ntcleadership.org Check out the latest news from the Center for Leadership Development! />
Marti Soper

Rev. Marti Soper

Director of Center for Leadership Development

Rebecca David Hensley Associate Director 972-526-5054

Kelly Carpenter Children, Youth, and Young Adult Ministry 972-526-5075

Mariel Vela Administrative Assistant 972-526-5006

Duane L. VanGiesen

Duane L. VanGiesen Board of Ordained Ministry Officer 972-526-5046

Janet Thompson

Janet Thompson Board of Ordained Ministry Administrative Assistant 972-526-5070

Connectional Resources ntcumc.org/ConnectionalResources Check out the latest news from the Center for Connectional Resources!
Rev. Jodi Smith

Rev. Jodi Smith

Director of Center for Connectional Resources

Sheila Hayes Administrative Assistant 972-526-5034

Tom Christian Associate Director of Connectional Resources 972-526-5030

Shirley Miller Associate Director of Pensions 972-526-5008

Karen Borger Benefits Administrator 972-526-5022

Susannah Cajiuat Associate Treasurer/Controller 972-526-5026

Carolyn Bryels Administrative Assistant for Property Insurance 972-526-5024

Paul Appiah Reservations for Meeting Rooms/Coordinator for Print & Mail Services 972-526-5050

Sharyn Yetman Receptionist / Hospitality Coordinator 972-526-5000

Tom Clark Systems Administrator 972-526-5011

The North Texas Conference Cabinet

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