The North Texas Conference CONNECTION

The North Texas Conference Connection July 19, 2017

  • Honoring July 7 Fallen: Police, Politicians, Olympic Medalists Speak to YOU

    At Together We Heal, powerful names give their takes on tragedy and recovery.

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  • A Year After the Ambush, Strangers Forge an Unexpected Bond

    Rhetta Bowers, a marcher caught in the July 7 panic, and Vicki Martin, a police volunteer, just happened to be beside each other.

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  • TED Talks Get a Churchy Twist
    Arthur Jones TEDxPlano

    Arthur Jones tells ‘How to Change the World,’ and a Sunday school class plays off the TED format

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  • Locked Out on Good Friday, Made Into a Movie and Other Tales of the Past

    Read fascinating facts in Round 2 of church posters celebrating NTC’s 150th anniversary.

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  • Fear of Praying: Book May Be the Answer to Your Anxiety

    Ouida Lee’s ‘Simply Pray’ shows how connecting with God doesn’t have to be difficult.

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