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Bring a Friend Sunday

The new Bring a Friend is not just about Sunday.  The time-honored program that provides a person-to-person process for reaching and receiving people into United Methodist Churches can be used on Sundays or any time the church is holding a special worship or event.

The guiding principle of Bring a Friend is that members of the congregation invite FRANS, friends, relatives, acquaintances, and neighbors to a special worship or event. Studies show that 70 to 90 percent of individuals who join a particular church have friends or relatives in the congregation. It is also apparent that getting an individual to attend for the first time is often the most difficult of all the steps leading to making a commitment to Jesus Christ.

Bring a Friend emphasizes the point that every member should be involved in the task of evangelism.  When each member brings a FRAN to the event, he or she is helping introduce that person to Jesus Christ and the community of faith.

Bring a Friend helps churches be successful in their task because:

  • Leaders will be trained and provided with resources.
  • Laity and clergy will pray throughout the process.
  • The church will build up to the celebration with careful planning.
  • The annual conference will provide resources and support.

Bring a Friend is part of the NTC IGNITING MINISTRY outreach that also includes the NEW HOME FOR CHRISTMAS/WATCH NIGHT and BACK TO SCHOOL, BACK TO CHURCH.

To order resources, contact The Crouch Group at 1-888-211-0273 or log on to www.thecrouchgroup.com.  For more information on the programs, contact the NTC Communications Office, 972-526-5000, 800-968-8201, or e-mail: labarr@ntcumc.org.




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