2015 Annual Conference

2015 North Texas Annual Conference


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Ignite: The 2015 North Texas Annual Conference

The North Texas Annual Conference will take place June 7-9, 2015, at St. Andrew United Methodist Church of Plano, Texas.

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2015 North Texas Annual Conference News

  • 2015 In Memoriam
    In Memoriam

    Millard Fairchild, William McElvaney, Ray Daniel Hennigh, Douglas Lee Hoke, Henry Lawson, Kenneth McIntosh, Eduardo Castro Cajiuat, John Carlyle Besse, John Wesley Tatum Sr., George A. Lewis Jr., Jacqueline Waiters-Lee, Lane Tunnell Minton, Ray Davidson, Billie Johnson, Dorothy Thompson, Mary Miller, Joan Zimmerman, Jean Lewis, Twila Stowe Bryan, Lorna Doone Dunson, Janice S. Miller, and David Switzer.

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  • One + One: Serving, Changing, Transforming
    One + One child reading

    During the 2015 Annual Conference, Bishop Michael McKee announced the launch of an ambitious initiative for North Texas: One + One. The bishop is asking Methodist churches across North Texas to commit to developing partnerships with public schools.

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  • Give the NTC a Goal for Health Kits, and Members Almost Double It
    NTC UMCOR truck

    Bishop Michael McKee challenged North Texas United Methodists to assemble and donate 7,500 health kits in honor of the 75th anniversary of the United Methodist Commission of Relief, or UMCOR. They produced almost double his goal!

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  • Act of Repentance Recognizes UMC Role in Native American Pain
    Bishop McKee and Dr. David Wilson

    The Annual Conference agenda took a move toward contrition with the Act of Repentance worship service. This denomination-wide worship service recognizes United Methodism’s role in the painful, destructive history of Native Americans. Twenty-six Annual Conferences, along with North Texas, observed an Acts of Repentance service.

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  • Let ‘White Hot’ Fire Burn to Aid Those Who Suffer, Huie Implores
    girls from Wesley Korean UMC

    The Korean Children’s Choir of Wesley Korean UMC, with girls spinning in pink and boys in suits, got the event off to a colorful, enchanting start. After a Reading of Calling and Promise in English, Korean, Spanish, and Swahili, liturgical dancers in red from St. Luke “Community” UMC came gracefully down the aisles.

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