2016 North Texas Annual Conference Workbook

2016 Annual Conference WorkbookThe 2016 Annual Conference Workbook is now available for download.

Note: “The 2016 Conference Workbook will work best with Adobe Acrobat Reader as you will have the bookmarks and links available to you. The location and appearance of the bookmarks is dependent on the device used, i.e. an iPad will look different than a PC. If something other than Acrobat Reader is used to view the file, the bookmarks will not be available.

Download 2016 AC Workbook

Supplemental Workbook

NTC Preliminary Consent Calendar – Amended:

Download Preliminary Consent Calendar
CFA 2017 Proposed Budget updated for General Conference Budgets:

Download Proposed Budget
2017 North Texas Summary Comprehensive Benefit Funding Plan:

Download Comprehensive Benefit Funding Plan
Board of Trustees – Additional Legislation:

Download Additional Legislation

For additional information about this year’s Annual Conference, please visit the Official Website of the 2016 NT Annual Conference.