2018 Nominations Process

The Conference Nominating Committee follows a process which begins with people submitting Profile Sheets to convey their areas of interest. These Profile Sheets are the first and primary resource for the committee when filling leadership vacancies annually and throughout the year. This process shifts the responsibility for being nominated from the committee to individual clergy and laity of the NTC.

The “Leadership Nominations Booklet” details all committees and positions available and is posted on the NTC website. Those interested in serving can use the booklet to research the various opportunities and discern where they feel called to serve, based on position descriptions and their gifts and graces. For our leadership groups to do effective and faithful work, the group members need to be people with a special interest in a specific area and pertinent gifts and experience.

Interested persons may complete the Profile Sheet online by Jan. 19, 2018. Again, the Profile Sheet serves as the most important source of information for this process and provides the Nominations Committee with basic information that will allow the committee to place the most qualified person into each vacancy — with a commitment for inclusive leadership.

The recommended report by the Nominating Committee goes to the Core Leadership Team and Extended Cabinet to assure that the report is inclusive and represents NTC membership. The final report is presented at Annual Conference for approval.

The witness and work of the North Texas Conference depends on clergy and laity who are willing to share their gifts and serve in leadership positions.

Please contact Rev. Andy Lewis, Clergy Assistant to Bishop McKee, by email at lewis@ntcumc.org with any questions.

2018 Nominations Process Timeline

November 2017Leadership Nominations Booklet and Profile Sheet posted on NTC web site, sent to District Superintendents for distribution and made available to Annual Conference

November 2017 through Jan. 19, 2018 — Signed Profile Sheets submitted to Office of the Assistant to the Bishop

Jan. 19 through Jan. 31, 2018 — Office of the Assistant to the Bishop compiles profiles

Feb. 15, 2017 — Profile Sheets made available for Nominations Committee at their meeting

Feb. 15 through April 18, 2018 — Nominations Committee completes their report to be made ready for electronic review by Extended Cabinet and Core Leadership Team (CLT)

April 18 through April 27, 2018 — Nominations Committee report finalized

April 27, 2018 — Nominations Committee report to Office of the Assistant to the Bishop

June 3 or June 5, 2018 — The Nominations Report is presented to the Annual Conference for confirmation or other nominations from the floor.

Nominations Booklet

Nominations Profile Sheet

Current Vacancies for 2018

  • Core Leadership Team
    NC District Rep (NC District elects)
  • Conference Nominating Committee
    NW District Lay Rep (NW District elects)
  • Conference Council on Youth Ministries
    CCYM Chair, NC District Youth Lay Leader, NW District Youth Lay Leader (CCYM elects)
  • Board of Church and Society
    Class of 2022 (4 members)
  • Committee on Ethnic Local Church Concerns
    Class of 2022 (4 members); Chair position
  • Board of Global Ministries
    Class of 2022 (1 clergyman, 2 laywomen, 2 laymen)
  • Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns
    Class of 2022 (4 members)
  • Board of Trustees
    Class of 2022 (3 members)
  • Board of Pension and Health Benefits
    1 clergy

2018 Nominating Committee Members

Chairperson: Rev. Andy Lewis, Assistant to the Bishop
Vice Chair: Jeff Bouis, Conference Lay Leader

Danny Soliz, Conference Lay Leader Elect

East District:
Rev. Vic Casad – District Superintendent
Melba Harris

Metro District:
Rev. Cammy Gaston – District Superintendent
Erik Markinson

North Central District:
Rev. Ron Henderson – District Superintendent
Leslie Maynard

Northwest District:
Rev. Marvin Guier – District Superintendent
Rick Simmons