Financial Advisory Consulting Team (FACT) Report

The Financial Advisory Consulting Team (FACT) is a nationally –based Consulting Team. Its seven-member group is comprised of lay and clergy with skills in the areas of church finances and administration. The Team partners with annual conferences around the U.S. to provide a holistic financial review and to be a resource to help achieve conference vitality and sustainability. FACT was invited to the NTC by Bishop Michael McKee and Rev. Jodi Smith, Conference Treasurer.

During September of 2013 FACT conducted phone interviews with NTC lay and clergy regarding perceived strengths and weaknesses in the annual conference. The interviews yielded “dilemmas – something that if not addressed, would adversely impact the Church’s mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” FACT used the dilemmas as conversation for October and December meetings with 30 lay and clergy persons.

The Financial Advisory Consulting Team (FACT) examined the North Texas Conference and found no current financial crisis. They found patterns, trends and practices which, if continued, will have an impact on the future viability of the NTC.

The slides below are taken from the FACT Report to North Texas.


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