Bishop McKee of the North Texas Conference

From Bishop McKee

Bishop Michael McKee

From Bishop Michael McKee

Welcome to the United Methodist Church of North Texas!

Hello North Texas! I am Michael McKee and I am the Bishop of the North Texas Conference. It is a great privilege to be here and to serve in your midst. I look forward to hearing from you!

Bishop McKee

  • Bishop’s Rally 2018

    Youths enjoy Bishop’s Rally experience.

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  • The Season of Lent

    As we begin our journey through Lent, Bishop McKee encourages us to deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ through acts of spiritual discipline. Watch his message for this Lenten season.

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  • Youth from all over the conference to gather for Bishop’s Rally

    The event Feb. 18 helps fifth- through seventh-graders build faith and make new connections.

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  • Bishop McKee responds to President Trump
    Bishop Michael McKee

    Whatever our political persuasions, let us remember that we have yoked our lives and our ministries with Christ. Let us speak for the peoples of the world.

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  • Christmas blessings from Bishop McKee

    Drawn to that ancient story of a couple traveling to Bethlehem, and the mother giving birth to a baby and placing him in a manger, God continues to speak to us today. Remember the birth of our Savior in song and celebration.

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