Board of Ordained Ministry


North Texas Conference Policy Regarding Paragraph 315 of the 2012 Book of Discipline, Page 229

  1. Commissioned Persons and Licensing School:
    When candidates for ordination are commissioned as Provisional members of the North Texas Conference, their appointments include the issuance of a license for pastoral ministry, allowing them to perform the duties of pastor during their provisional/residency period. Attendance at Licensing School is not generally required as a prerequisite for commissioning; however, the Committee on Preparation and Qualification of the Board of Ordained Ministry highly recommends, and may request, that an individual attend Licensing School before being Commissioned.
  2. Certified Candidates and Licensing School:
    All persons attending Licensing School who will serve within the North Texas Conference must be a Certified Candidate prior to the beginning of Licensing School. In addition, each Licensing School student shall be explicitly recommended to attend Licensing School by his or her respective District Committee on Ordained Ministry.
  3. Seminary Students and Licensing School:
    To receive a License for Pastoral Ministry in the North Texas Conference, students must either attend Licensing School or have completed one third of their work for a Master of Divinity degree at a school of theology listed by the University Senate, including at least one course in homiletics. If deemed necessary and/or beneficial, the District Committees on Ministry reserve the right to require attendance at Licensing School for any or all candidates.
  4. Course of Study Students and Licensing School:
    In the North Texas Conference, all students enrolled in Course of Study School must have previously completed Licensing School successfully.

Psychological Evaluation and the License for Pastoral Ministry

Because all certified candidates in the North Texas Conference have undergone psychological evaluation, all persons seeking a License for Pastoral Ministry will have necessarily undergone this evaluation. Under no circumstance will a License for Pastoral Ministry be issued without the licensee having been previously evaluated.

Background/Credit Checks

All persons becoming eligible to serve as a Local Pastor in the North Texas Conference must clear a criminal background and credit check, initiated by their respective DCOM.

Exceptions to Policy

The District Superintendent, the District Committee on Ordained Ministry, and the North Texas Conference Local Pastor Registrar shall jointly consider any exceptions to the conference policies on a case-by-case basis. Their decision is final. Exceptions to the policies of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry can only be made by that board. Any request for an exception to existing policies shall be made in writing to the DCOM and forwarded with the recommended action to the Local Pastor Registrar for appropriate referral and/or action.