Board of Ordained Ministry

Ministerial Candidacy Process

Congratulations on receiving a call to ministry!

Call to Ministry Next StepWe are blessed to travel on this journey with you.

The following requirements must be fulfilled before you can be scheduled for an introductory interview with your District Committee on Ministry:

  1. Write two documents: a Statement of Call and responses to Wesley’s historic questions in paragraph 310.1d of the Book of Discipline (page 224).
  2. Request an interview with the Pastor/ Staff Parish Relations Committee of your local church. Submit written answers to paragraph 310 d (page 224) and a written Statement of Call to the SPRC prior to the interview.
  3. Request an interview with your District Superintendent. You can find the contact information for the district offices here:
  4. While at the District Office, request to be entered into UMCARES (United Methodist Candidate and Record Entry System). A $75 fee will be required.
  5. Bring 5 things to the meeting with your District Superintendent:
    1. A written Statement of Call to ministry
    2. A letter of recommendation from the SPRC (Staff Parish Relations Committee) of your local church
    3. A letter requesting admission to the candidacy program
    4. And, also request permission to attend the next Candidacy Summit
    5. A check for $45 made payable to your District
      The $45 covers the cost of an extensive background check in the following areas: consumer credit, department of motor vehicles, sex offenders, and county and national crime.
  6. Receive the name of your mentor group or individual mentor from the District Superintendent or Candidacy Registrar.
  7. Request permission to be entered into the Pathways To Ministry software. Training will be done through the Board of Ministry Office.Contact Duane VanGiesen or Janet Thompson. Or call: 972-526-5046.The registration form for the Candidacy Summit is in Pathways.
  8. Initiate contact with your mentor group or individual mentor. Together, you should work through the “Fulfilling God’s Call” resource. You should meet at least quarterly. (A minimum of four meetings a year is required every year.)
  9. Have your candidacy voted on by your church’s Charge Conference. You must be approved by a 2/3rds ballot vote.
  10. Schedule an Introductory Interview with your District Committee on Ministry. Following approval by the Charge Conference, you should contact your District Candidacy Registrar to schedule an Introductory Interview with the DCOM.

Download the summarized guide to the Ministerial Candidacy Process in the North Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church:

The Journey: Process Guide