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Ministerial Education Fund Scholarship Information and Application

Background Information

Scholarship Application
Since 1968 the Ministerial Education Fund apportionment has helped thousands of men and women become pastoral leaders in The United Methodist Church. It is through the faithful generosity of congregations throughout the North Texas Conference that the Board of Ordained Ministry-Recruitment and Enlistment Committee is able to offer these funds to students as a scholarship to further encourage the exploration of ministry and future service in the North Texas Conference.

Who Can Apply?

North Texas Conference Certified Candidates who are enrolled in a United Methodist University Senate-approved school are eligible for these scholarship funds.

What is needed to apply?

  1. A completed and current Ministerial Education Fund Scholarship application (must complete each semester)
  2. A certification of enrollment (typically generated from the National Student Clearinghouse, please contact your school for further instructions)
  3. A copy of current semester’s class schedule, detailing number of hours

All items must be submitted by the required deadline in order to process the scholarship application. Late or missing information or documentation will result in the non-processing of the application.

How much scholarship is granted per candidate?

The amount of scholarship granted is:

  1. $80 per credit hour per semester
  2. A bonus per projected decade of service per semester (to mandated retirement at age 72). See Application Form for details.

Certified Candidates are eligible to receive scholarship funds for no more than five years.

What are the required deadlines?

Funds will be disbursed twice a year. All applications with supporting documentation must be postmarked or hand delivered by:

Spring Deadline: February 1st

Fall Deadline: September 1st

Note: Those attending classes based on a quarter system or different system than semester must submit from the current semester by the above-mentioned deadlines. No late applications will be accepted.

Who should I contact with questions?

The source of all information is the North Texas Conference Board of Ordained Ministry website at For questions about the MEF Scholarship Funds, please contact BOM Officer, Duane VanGiesen at

Mail to:
Duane VanGiesen
P.O. Box 866128
Plano, TX, 75086-6128
Phone: 972-526-5046

Download Ministerial Education Fund Scholarship Application Form