Board of Ordained Ministry

Making Disciples Project

The Mission

Making Disciples

“The mission of the United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

To further this mission, candidates for Ordination in the North Texas Conference are asked to report on a significant disciples making initiative they have led during their time as a Provisional Member of the NT Conference. This report should be no fewer than 10 pages long.

The report should share responses to the following questions and statements:

  1. What is your understanding of making disciples for Jesus Christ? Answer this question using Biblical references, personal reflection and the mission statement of the United Methodist Church.
  2. Describe a major initiative you led during your residency in which you were intentional about making disciples. This initiative may have been something similar to the following:
    • Launching a new worship service.
    • Starting a new church or satellite ministry.
    • Launching a major outreach project to address a social justice issue.
    • Beginning “home” groups to reach un-churched persons.
    • Leading a mission trip.
    • Initiating a divorce recover ministry.
    • Leading a long-term Bible study, targeting a new population.
    • Designing new “inviting” ministries.
    • Starting a new member class where persons were intentionally led to a profession of their faith and were integrated into the life and work of the congregation/
    • Leading a confirmation class from start to finish.
    • Directing a major musical or theatrical production in which the public was invited to participate.
    • Starting a new music ensemble for potential new Christians.
  3. Why did you decide to initiate this particular ministry?
    • How did the Bible or other theological resources guide your effort?
    • How did you ground your initiative theologically?
    • How did you integrate theology with practical ministry?
    • What was the vision for this initiative?
    • How did you determine and communicate the vision?
    • How does this ministry help make disciples of Jesus Christ?
  4. What was your role in this ministry?
    • How did you engage new leaders in the initiative?
    • How did you train and equip them?
    • What resources did you use to equip your leaders?
    • How did you foster spiritual growth in your leaders?
    • How did you partner with them?
    • How were your leadership skills strengthened?
    • What mistakes did you make and what did you learn from these mistakes?
    • How did you celebrate the successes and debrief the mistakes?
    • Describe how you evaluated yourself and provided feedback to the other leaders involved in the ministry.
    • What conflicts occurred in the initiative, if any, and how did you resolve the conflicts?
    • How did you and your leaders grow as disciples and in your ability to make disciples?
  5. What was your budget for this initiative? How did you fund this ministry?
  6. Describe how you reached out to the community, and especially to persons not currently involved in a faith community.
    • How did you follow up with your guests?
    • How did you involve the laity with the follow-up?
    • What worked well and what did not?
    • What would you do differently next time?
  7. Provide specific examples of fruitfulness for this initiative.
    • How many new disciples were made?
    • How many professions of faith occurred as a result of this ministry?
    • How is this ministry being sustained today?
    • How did those participating grow in their discipleship?
  8. What did you learn overall from this initiative about making disciples?
  9. If your initiative involved a curriculum, provide the curriculum (either one you created or one you used in leading or teaching this project.)
    • What specifically would you do differently if you were to teach or lead this again?
    • What other resources did you use or might you add?
  10. How did you care for yourself in the midst of the project?
    • How did you grow spiritually?
    • How are you a different disciple now than you were before?
  11. Include evaluations from the following persons on your leadership in this project and the impact it had on the church’s ability to improve its mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ:
    • Your Supervisor.
    • The chairperson of your ministry team.
    • An additional ministry team chairperson, such as the chairperson of the Council or Administrative Council or SPRC.
    • A participant in this Making Disciples Project.

Download PDF of Making Disciples Project Guidelines