Board of Ordained Ministry

Pathways to Ministry Software

Pathways to Ministry SoftwareThe Pathways to Ministry software will be used for all persons in the ministry process, from Inquiring Candidates to those seeking Ordination, and every stage in between. In fact, as soon as a person becomes an Inquiring Candidate, their contact information is entered into Pathways.

Pathways consists of Tracks (such as the Certified Candidate track, the Local Pastor Track, the Commissioning Track, the Ordination Track).

Each Track has designated Steps, outlining tasks which have to be completed, but which can also have embedded needed information and forms. The forms can be filled out on the screen and saved into Pathways. Answers to the Disciplinary Questions, Bible Studies, sermon manuscripts and videos, the Making Disciples Project, and much more can be uploaded into Pathways where the District Committees on Ministry or Preparation and Qualifications Committee can see it.

This is the first year that all the required work for Commissioning and Ordination was done using the Internet using Pathways. By the first of the year the goal is to have all candidates using Pathways.

Your Password Needed

But, this gives us some time to get all candidates set-up to use Pathways. Send to Duane VanGiesen (the BOM Officer) or Janet Thompson (the BOM Administrative Assistant) a simple Password. It does not have to be long, complex, or case sensitive. But, be sure to pick a Password you’ll remember. You will use this Password to enter Pathways.

Pathways was used very successfully this year for those seeking Commissioning and Ordination, and they expressed appreciation for this improvement in receiving and submitting the required information and forms.

You will be emailed when your Password has been received and when you are set-up. You will be emailed when everything is ready for you to be trained on Pathways. Pathways is not hard to learn and the training by phone takes about 20 minutes.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Duane VanGiesen
BOM Officer
Phone: 972-526-5046

Janet Thompson
BOM Administrative Assistant
Phone: 972-526-5070