Conference Agency Chairs 2017-2018




Conference Nominating Committee
Assistant to the Bishop
Conference Council on Youth Ministries (CCYM)
Anna Shipley
President of Conference United Methodist Women
President of Conference United Methodist Men
To Be Elected by UMM
Committee on Lay Servant Ministries
Board of Ordained Ministry
Vice Chair: Board of Ordained Ministry
BOM Registrar
BOM Fellowship of Local Pastors
Committee on Investigation – Clergy
Elects Own Chair
Committee on Religion and Race
Committee on Status and Role of Women
Jean Wood
Center for Missional Outreach
Board of Church and Society
Committee on Ethnic Local Church Concerns
Board of Global Ministries:
Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns:
President: Council on Finance and Administration
Larry Womack
Board of Trustees
Elects Own Chair
Board of Pension and Health Benefits
Rev. Todd Harris
Commission on Archives and History
Committee on Episcopacy
Elects Own Chair
Committee on Standing Rules
Anne Todd
Memoirs Committee
Tom Christian