Effective Mobile Communication:
Getting the Most Out of Your Social Media

Presented by Michael Graves

In the June 8, 2016, Connect 360° Church Communication workshop, Michael Graves reviewed popular social media sites, their purpose and how to use them effectively.

Below are the topics and resources he presented in the workshop.

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Michael Graves
Michael Graves, communication consultant, is a graduate of SMU, holds master’s from Candler School of Theology, interned with Bishop McKee in 2014.

Workshop Resources

© Michael Graves

Where We’re Going

The Importance of Narrative

the important of narrative

  • Narrative drives our interactions
  • Telling our story affirms our identity
  • Our ability to witness

Connect 360 Church Communication Workshops
Connect 360° Workshops

More Workshop Resources

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Making Great Videos on Your Phone

Updated Toolbox

  • Social Media Apps
  • Layout for Instagram
  • Promotion on Facebook
  • Ads on multiple platforms
  • TweetDeck and HootSuite
  • Post scheduling

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NTC Social Media Sites Used in Examples

Facebook: facebook.com/bishopmckee
Instagram: @bishopmckee
Twitter @bishopmckee

Facebook: facebook.com/ntcumc
Instagram: @ntcumc
Twitter: @umcntc

Planning your content — it’s not an email!

Witness: Annual Conference 2016

  • Messages can be re-written for several social media platforms
  • Know what you want to say to your audience (what is most essential)
  • Attach a piece of media if you can
  • ALWAYS have an action item
  • ALWAYS make it conversational
  • Select your hashtags for SEO optimization

Isn’t every site the same?

social media logos

  • There are a number of social media sites you can use
  • Different purposes for different things
  • Guiding your messages can be difficult
  • Let’s break the top three down

Facebook Capabilities

Facebook logo

  • Multiple page ownership
  • Connectivity to Instagram, Twitter
  • Supports video and photos
  • In-App post scheduling
  • Live stream and video uploading
Facebook Fan Page screenshot

Facebook Fan Page

  • Simple, free way to create a space where members and visitors can gather information, share their stories with you
  • Filling out all information is key
  • Remember — this is the first time many may experience your organization; plan accordingly

Facebook Audience

  • Increasingly older audience
  • Use Facebook to curate their own news, post about things that are relevant to their own lives
  • Looking to engage in conversation


  • Posts can be longer, include more detail than other social media sites
  • Often should encourage conversation
  • Announcements, events, conversation

Promoting Posts

Promoting Facebook posts screencast 1Promoting Facebook posts screencast 2Promoting Facebook posts screencast 2

Facebook Examples

Facebook examples screencast 1Facebook examples screencast 2Facebook examples screencast 3

Twitter Capabilities

Twitter logo

  • Apps support multiple accounts
  • Short, sweet, to the point
  • Automatic link condensing
  • Supports video and photo
  • Made and used for conversation; best for realtime

Twitter Audience

  • Perhaps one of the most diverse of any social media, but more users are females, 45+
  • Interested in what’s happening NOW, not what happened 8 hours ago
  • Mostly used on mobile devices


  • 140 characters **Make Them Count!**
  • Hashtags used to follow conversations
  • Often best to include link to another site if the message is long
  • Be quick! Twitter is for on the fly posting

Twitter Examples

Twitter examples screencast 2Twitter examples screencast 3

Instagram Capabilities

Instagram logo

  • Real time video and movie capture within the app
  • Ability to make accounts private (don’t do this)
  • Posts can be longer, but not recommended
  • Hashtags drive conversation here, too

Instagram Audience

  • Much younger audience, used to sharing photos
  • Popular among the viral celebrities on the Internet


  • Keep your post concise
  • Driven by the photo or video you use
  • Photo tagging
  • Can inspire conversation but driven more by likes and views

Instagram Examples

Instagram examples screencast 1Instagram examples screencast 2Instagram examples screencast 3

Media Drives Visibility

 Media Drives Visibility example

  • Essential to include links, photos, videos with almost every message (except Twitter)
  • Quality of media counts
  • Tagging participants drives visibility, connection, conversation
  • People are more likely to watch a video or look at a photo than read a paragraph

Keeping Them There – Maximizing Your Conversations

 Keeping Them There – Maximizing Your Conversations
  • Consistent monitoring is important; trust me, people notice
  • Be prepared for multiple outcomes
  • Respond with thanks or an action the individual can take to resolve a conflict – don’t lose your temper; you represent an organization

Understanding Analytics

Understanding Analytics
  • Engagement defined as click-through, like, comment, video or photo view, new like or following
  • Facebook only app that does this inside the app
  • Can manually look at these statistics in the app and track them yourselves
  • Weekly to bi-weekly tracking of all platforms recommended

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