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The North Texas ConnectionNorth Texas United Methodists have a unique spiritual connection – we are all part of the same church family! With that in mind, The North Texas Conference Communications Team created a new way to deliver stories and content aimed at blessing everyone in the family. A digital news source has been created to inspire each of you, members of your church, and your friends beyond the church!

This exciting new digital news source will include:

  • Faith-based solutions to everyday problems.
  • Ideas and stories about building relationships in the family, church, personal friendships, and work.
  • Stories of people stepping out of their comfort zones and experiencing their faith in new ways, and reaching out to new people to share what it means to be a United Methodist.
  • Testimonies of people responding to the call of leadership and ways to create a legacy of leadership in your church.

We hope that EVERY member of your congregation will subscribe – that means moms, dads, and any member with an email address! There is no cost to subscribe.

Subscribers will enjoy feature stories and profiles of those involved in innovative ministries and missions around the Conference, the Bishop’s Message, insight from Lay Leaders, reports and announcements from the four Districts and the four Centers of the Conference.

CONNECTION provides inspiration, information and resources for Methodists “Reaching out to the Heart of North Texas.”

Conference Subscriptions

The North Texas Conference encourages these FREE subscriptions to the conference CONNECTION digital newsletter for church leadership as well as lay leadership and members.

Who should subscribe to this resource at your church?

Consider who would benefit from knowing what Methodists in North Texas are saying and doing. Your list will likely include the Chair of your Administrative Board, Mission/Outreach, Staff Parish Relations, Board of Trustees, United Methodist Women, Age-level Programming, Finance, Communications, etc.

Contact Wendy at or 972-526-5013 to get a list of your church’s current email subscriptions.

Conference Subscriptions