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2017 HealthFlex Exchange Plans and Support Documents

The North Texas Annual Conference participates in HealthFlex, the health benefits program of the Wespath, formerly the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits of The United Methodist Church. All full-time clergy appointed to local churches within the conference or as District Superintendents or to the conference staff (ordained elders, deacons in full connection, deacons on track to become elders, commissioned persons on track to become elders or deacons, full-time local pastors, members of other conferences or denominations appointed according to Paragraphs 346.1 or 346.2) are required to be enrolled in the conference health insurance plan and their respective church or salary paying unit is responsible for the premium for the appointee. Coverage for spouses and dependents is optional, and the premium for an appointee’s spouse and dependents is the responsibility of the appointee.

New This Year

C2000 is the Default Plan

The North Texas Conference “default” plan is the CDHP C2000. THIS IS NOT THE SAME PLAN AS LAST YEAR! One of the features of this plan is that there is no co-pay but 100% of the doctor bill is personally owed until the deductible is met. The C2000 has a built-in Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), but will not have dental or expanded vision. You can read about the C2000 plan in the documents below.

If you do not choose to enroll in your health insurance plan during open enrollment, you will be automatically enrolled in the plan you selected in 2016. (This includes any dental and vision elections you may have made, but it does not include any Medical Reimbursement Accounts you may have set up for 2016. The MRA accounts will default to 0.)

If you are enrolled in the B1000 plan in 2016 and hope to continue in that plan in 2017, it will cost you an extra $17 a month ($204 annually) that must be paid as a personal salary deduction each month.

OPEN ENROLLMENT IS NOVEMBER 2-17, 2016, for the 2017 HealthFlex plan.

Another Vision Plan Choice

A Premier Plan with VSP has been added this year. All of our participants receive at no extra charge Exam Core. Participants can now, for an additional cost, add in one of two additional plans: Full-Service or Premier.

Support Documents

Affordable Care Act

2017 Health and Pension Insurance Information


Center for Health Newsletters


Prediabetes Toolkit


Decreased Screen Time

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