East District of The North Texas Conference

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East District of the North Texas Conference

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The East District was created by the Conference Strategic Plan of 2010. Geographically it touches ten counties, taking in 5966 square miles, on the eastern side of the North Texas Conference. It is bordered by Oklahoma on the north, the Texas Conference on the east and south, and all three North Texas districts (Metro, North Central, and Northwest)on the west.
The mission field of the East District is comprised of over 116,000 households, expanding 9% in the last ten years. The average age in our area is 38 with the fastest growing segments of the population being young persons 18-24, and retirees 65 and older. The culture of the mission field tends to be conservative, reflecting our rural setting.

The District has 85 churches varying in size and style from large county seat congregations and town and country churches to campus ministries, a cooperative parish and smaller family chapels. These 85 churches are served by 68 pastors, 29 of whom are elders, deacons or provisional elder/deacon; 33 are local pastors, either full- or part-time; and 6 are Certified Lay Minister or Lay Supply.

The District has a strong and loyal lay ministry. Laity are faithful in attendance, with the district having a high percentage of members in worship each week. Giving reflects steadfast commitment with the apportionment commitment being fulfilled 20 of the last 21 years. Beyond these numbers, laity are a driving force in multiple community and congregational ministries ranging from food pantries, ESL classes, legal aide, after school tutoring, prison ministries (and many others) to children’s and youth ministries, care and prayer, music and worship, and a wide variety of church service. Our laity also minister through District United Methodist Women, United Methodist Men, United Methodist Youth and a number of other mission, fellowship and service ministries.

The East District seeks to foster connection between congregations and communities in ways that both experience ‘Christ Alive’. It is in that active exchange of the love of Christ through ministry and mission that glimpses of God’s Kingdom are revealed, disciples are formed and the world is transformed. In that faith we welcome all to any of the 85 churches of the East!