East District of The North Texas Conference

Lay Servant Ministries in the East District

Voices of the Laity

East District is launching a new communication format in order to share information and events. The number of times that I have said or heard “If I only knew, I would have __________.” Information would be received after the fact or not received at all due to various reasons. A monthly conference call “Voices of the Laity” will be on the first Tuesday of each month. The call is scheduled for 15-20 minutes and can be a platform to share what is happening. Burning questions can be asked. Lay Servants helped take part in the first “Voices of the Laity” call in April. This is going to be a new way to stay in touch.

All Laity leadership is invited to participate on these monthly calls. For more information contact Lori Massey at 903-227-0302 or the District Office.

Staying connected with each other and our leadership, will help our common mission of Sharing God’s love and purpose.
Lori Massey

Any questions regarding Lay Servant Ministries or the training, please contact your pastor or Lori Massey at 903-227-0302 or lori.mass@yahoo.com.