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Lay Servant Ministry Courses: Biblical Storytelling I & II

Lay Servant MinistriesAll laity are invited to participate in Lay Servant Ministries courses, not just persons seeking to become a Certified Lay Servant

Biblical Storytelling I and II

I: This is a two-week online course which introduces the ancient-future art and spiritual discipline of telling the sacred stories of Scripture. Participants will learn to prepare, learn, and tell a Biblical text by heart (not “memory”) using the methods of the Network of Biblical Storytellers International, as well as understand how this completely non-technological art fits into a digital-communications world. There is a daily assignment (except Sundays), usually involving a short document to read and online discussion. There is also online exploration and creative work.

II: This three-week online workshop expands on the methods taught in Biblical Storytelling I. It explores a number of storytelling genres as well as telling the Biblical text, including midrash, chancel drama, first-person storytelling, puppetry, and more. The workshop also offers specific ideas for learning tough passages, using and not abusing voice and body, and enhancing tellings with props, digital media and more, with children and adults. It also suggests ways to deepen your practice of this art as a personal spiritual discipline. Anyone who is already practicing the art of storytelling, Biblical or secular, is welcome; Biblical Storytelling I is an excellent starting place for those new to the art but is not required. In this three-week workshop you will dive deeper into developing your unique storytelling “voice,” expand your technique and polish your art.


Participant materials provided through online instructor


No sessions of this course are currently scheduled.

General Information about Advanced Courses

Advanced courses equip the laity for service in many facets of lay ministry and congregational leadership. Completion of one Advanced Course after the Basic Course is required to become a Certified Lay Servant. Specified Advanced Courses are required to achieve the designation of Lay Speaker.

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