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Lay Servant Ministry Courses: Multimedia in Worship

Lay Servant MinistriesAll laity are invited to participate in Lay Servant Ministries courses, not just persons seeking to become a Certified Lay Servant.

Multimedia in Worship

The use of multi-media technology in worship is growing at an exponential rate. Congregations of all sizes are acknowledging the gift of media technology; however very few have access to formal training. In this online course, students will be introduced to the hardware and software in worship technology and discover their ability to plan, create and implement technology in a worship setting. The workshop will also help the student learn about worship itself and the role of technology in design, appropriateness and excellence. Special consideration will be given to budget and a low-cost approach to technology implementation. This workshop is designed for the church volunteer or pastor who would classify themselves as “beginners” in multi-media experience. (Please note that since the workshop utilizes some software that is windows-based MAC users may find some limitations.)


Materials will be provided through the online course instructor.


No sessions of this course are currently scheduled.

General Information about Advanced Courses

Advanced courses equip the laity for service in many facets of lay ministry and congregational leadership. Completion of one Advanced Course after the Basic Course is required to become a Certified Lay Servant. Specified Advanced Courses are required to achieve the designation of Lay Speaker.

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