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Lay Servant Ministry Courses: Prepare to Teach

Lay Servant MinistriesAll laity are invited to participate in Lay Servant Ministries courses, not just persons seeking to become a Local Lay Servant or Certified Lay Servant.

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This is the second of two courses (other course: Teach Adults) for those who want to become an Accredited Lay Servant Ministries Course Instructor in the NTC, or for anyone who teaches adults in a church setting. Participants will improve their skills as facilitators of adult learning by recognizing traits of master teachers, adjusting for different levels of experience in learners, managing difficult classroom situations, exploring ways to ask questions, enhancing the physical environment, and coordinating with team members for training events.  (NOTE: This is a one-day-only class – NOT for “Advanced Course” credit)


Participant – Course materials are provided in class by the instructors.

Leader – Contact: Susan Anderson for curriculum materials.


  • Rescheduling for Spring 2018. Check back for date and site.

General Information about Advanced Courses

Advanced courses equip the Local Lay Servant for service in many facets of lay ministry and congregational leadership. Completion of one Advanced Course after the Basic Course is required to become a Certified Lay Servant. Specified Advanced Courses are required to achieve the designation of Lay Speaker.

Texts can be ordered through or (use ISBN order #) or Upper Room Bookstore (use DR item #)

Watch for these symbols next to the course title:

North Texas Conference Lay Servant Ministries Core Advanced Courses are recommended as your first advanced LSM courses after the Basic Course is completed.
North Texas Conference Lay Servant Ministries Meets a requirement for Lay Speaker designation
North Texas Conference Lay Servant Ministries Meets a requirement for course instructor accreditation

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